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Occupational Accidents in the Construction Sector and Causes of Accidents
In this study, occupational accidents and causes of accidents in construction sector were examined. The research was carried out on three separate construction companies engaged in construction-mechanical and electrical installation works through occupational accidents that took place in 2013. In the analysis of 68 large and small occupational accidents that occurred in 2013, it was seen that the majority of the accidents were experienced by those who were primary and secondary school graduates with an age range between 18-24. When the days of the week were assessed, it was determined that most of the accidents happened on Saturdays. In the assessment of the working hours of the accidents, it was seen that the number of accidents peaked during the third and seventh hours of the work, while there weren’t any occupational accidents occurred during the fifth hour, which is the next hour after lunch. While the first reason for occupational accidents is splinters in the eye, the second reason is falling down from height. The eyes, feet, arms, hands and fingers are sorted respectively among the limb injuries. Types of injuries mainly consist of superficial wounds and splinters in the eye. Construction workplaces carry important risks for the lives of employees in terms of occupational health and safety. It is aimed to develop prevention policies in construction workplaces, to establish a culture of occupational health and safety, to provide permanent and systematic improvement, to guide the related parties, and to make the new approach effective in terms of occupational health and safety.

Job Accidents, Construction, Accident Analysis, Labor, Working Hours

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