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Using the Media as a Political Information Method
News and information (presentation) are important functions of the media. Through mass media, information from many different areas is delivered to people daily, hourly, and even instantly. Today changes, transformation and sharings are experienced very quickly, people intend to transfer the information by sharing at various platforms. One of these areas is the political area. In particular, politicians desire to share their views, actions, and works on any issue with the public immediately. This demand leads to a (tight) link between politics and the mass media that enables the public to reach the easiest way. When mass media are thought to play an important role in people's decisions, behaviors, reactions, or interest in a topic, it seems that these tools are being used more effectively in the political areas. On the other hand, the individuals, especially when they want to learn about what is happening in the country, they front firstly to mass media. Thus, mass media have an important role to play in political knowledge. The aim of this study is to try to determine the dimensions of the role of mass media in political knowledge. With this study, it is aimed to determine the level of trust in mass media by means of political information. The universe of the study consists of students from Lefke European University and Eastern Mediterranean University in the TRNC during the period of the study. A total of 570 students from both universities participated in the research using coincidental sampling technique.The datas which are subject of the research were collected from the participants through face-to-face interviewing. According to the information obtained during the study, participants mostly use the internet and social media for political information. In addition, the participants have the most confidence in internet, newspapers and television from the mass media.

Politics and Media, Political Information, Media

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