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Investigation of Postgraduate Studies on Child Rearing Attitudes of Parents in Turkey
Parenting attitudes of parents affect the life of the individual. In almost every age, individuals are interacting with their parents. It is inevitable that this interaction has an effect on the whole development of the individual. For this reason, it seems that there are many studies conducted in this area that examine the effects of parental attitudes on children. Evaluating graduate studies related to the subject can provide a holistic knowledge. In this study, a total of 52 studies including two doctoral thesis and 50 masters thesis were examined. In the study, the document was examined. The studies were evaluated in terms of themes, methods and results and shared data were evaluated. When the theses are examined, the attitudes of the parents are also examined from the pre-school period to high school period and it has been determined that surveys prepared by researchers besides attitude scales were used in the collection of data. In addition, parenting attitudes of parents seem to be influential on children's behavior, social skills, multiple intelligence scores, and academic skills.

Parent attitudes, academic studies, postgraduate thesis

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