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The Problems of Domestic Workers in Turkey
Women have started to participate in working life in developed and developing countries intensely. Rising of education level, legal arrengements, new labour forms and social changes achieved more women to take place in the labour markets. Nowadays, house service sector has become a prominent work area to fill the gaps and inefficiencies between working womens’ work and houses. Domestic workers have lots of problem causes by working conditions and legal arrangements in Turkey. Long working hours, lack of social security coverage, rest periods, weekly rest, wages are some of difficulties facing domestic workers. Furthermore domestic workers are excluded from the scope of the Labour Law but are covered by the Law of Obligations. This study seeks to inform on the labour market status, working conditions, legal arrangement and problems of organization of women employed in domestic works without social protection. Study aims to give information about domestic worker womens’ current situation and to develop solutions for their problems.

Domestic Services, Working Conditions, Legal Arrangements

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