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Analysis of Recep İvedik Film 5 in terms of Violence in Popular Culture
Turkish series and movies having high ratings are the places where violence against women, oppression and discrimination can be seen. The main purpose of this study is to analyze the sovereignty and violent life of Recep İvedik character, his friendship relations, discriminatory discourse with a critical point of view and to explain the socialization of this character through this hero of new generation. In this study, the life style of the main character of Recep İvedik 5, his physical violence notion, linguistic violence used towards women and the harmful impacts of this violence notion on the audiences will be examined. Films such as Recep İvedik and his successor "Cumali Ceber”, Şefkat Yerimdar” are important for understanding the relation of power relations in the society with popular culture. Recep Ivedik 5, which is the most watched film in Turkish Cinema history, will be analyzed in terms of popularity, media coverage, box office and revenue by using content analysis in this study. In popular culture, especially in the TV series and cinema industry, violence is presented as natural, legitimate and, moreover, sympathetic through the movie heroes. The legitimization and sympathy of violence through the media has caused serious harm to the national culture. The trouble which slang, discriminatory, alienating rhetoric and vulgar style in all of the Recep İvedik film series, consisting of the audiences of children and young people is important. The presentation of popular culture products in the form of violence with elements of humor increases the extent of the harm. His humor elements make the message even more popular and he gives the impression that the message of violence that he wants to reach is natural. Considering the number of audiences reached by the Recep İvedik film series, it is obvious that every behavior of the character can cause serious damage especially for children and young people.

Sexism, Media, Violence, Popular, Discrimination

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