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An Analysis of Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Intellectually Disabled Children According to Several Variables
In today's world where the participation of disabled people and their education are increasing day by day, depending on the importance of such developments, the purpose of this study is to analyze pre-service physical education teachers' attitudes towards intellectually disabled children according to several variables (gender, grade level, knowledge of special education, having an intellectually disabled family member and work experience). 282 students (174 males, 108 females) studying at different grade levels at Karabük University Hasan Doğan School of Physical Education and Sport, Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, participated in this study. “Personal Information Form” developed by the researchers, “Scale of Attitude Towards Intellectually-Disabled Children” improved by Süngü (2012) are used as data collection tools. Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Mann-Whitney-U, Kruskal-Wallis tests are used to analyze. Consequently, there are no statistically meaningful differences between groups according to all variables (p>.05). The suggestions are revealed such as; the curriculum of physical education and sports for disabled lessons should be developed in general, and the practical dimension of these lessons should be enhanced by cooperating with private education institutions.

Pre-service Physical Education Teacher, Intellectual Disability, Attitude, Children.

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