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Paratextual Analysis of an Arch-Poet or the Utterance “Education is not Filling of a Pail, but the Lighting of a Fire.”
Impact of world famous Nobel laureate writer, playwright, and arch poet William Butler Yeats, can be seen in various areas. Scientists, journalists, statesman, clergymen, educationists and experts from different fields are witnessed to refer some of Yeats’ statements, lines, stanzas of his poems or his well- known utterances in their speeches, articles, columns, public speaks, etc. The utterance “education is not filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” is one of the most quoted sentences. It is always quoted by authorities and people interested in education. Also, it is possible to find that the sentence used by people who are willing to give suggestions about education. However, people exactly don’t know who really stated it. It may shed light on present education problem. In this paper, it is tried to be explained what the sentence really tells and whether it has positive or negative effects on Yeats and education from paratextual perspective.

William Butler Yeats, Gérard Genette, epitext, paratextuality, education system

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