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The Importance and the Role of Pre-campaign Reserach in the Advertisement Campaigns
As popular and academic articles indicate, marketing structure and market conditions has become highly developed and complex field of study today. In this environment, advertising has gained far more importance for companies to communicate effectively with their target audiences, and to increase their sales. As an expensive investment, advertising requires specific pre-campaign researches which will provide data on market and consumer, advertising objectives and message, campaign and media strategy, budgeting, and the effect of an advertisement. Therefore, researches on advertising have a decisive role during the planning and decision-making processes in the execution of advertising strategies. At this point, pre-testing is also important for evaluating the likely success of an advertisement. Because of its vital importance for the practice of advertising, our study will focus on pre-campaign advertising researches reviewing their importance, use and role in the execution of advertising campaigns.

Advertising, Advertising Campaign, Pre-campaign Advertising Researches, Pre-test.

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