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Importance of the Physical Conditions of the Kitchen in Touristic Mansions: A Research on the Design of Local Kitchen in Safranbolu
The purpose of this study is to examine the kitchen structure of Safranbolu mansions which are mostly turned into tourist enterprises in terms of physical, psychological, occupational safety and ergonomics Moreover, it is aimed to compare the traditional kitchens and the kitchens used by the tourism enterprises today in terms of physical conditions. Using a qualitative research method, the research was conducted by in-depth interviews. Snowball sampling method was used in the sample selection. Using a semi-structured interview form, face-to-face interviews were conducted with 15 mansion establishment operators in Safranbolu. Descriptive analyzes were made by categorizing the data obtained from observations and interviews conducted at the mansion establishments. The main kitchen in a Safranbolu house is located on the top floor. This area, which is called as "aşevi", are located next to "sofa" where the family dines. The "kazan ocakları" which is located in the "Hayat" section is a big kitchen where banquet dishes, bread and winter food are prepared. Today, the kitchens of the Safranbolu mansions, which are now turned into tourism enterprises are located in the lower floors of the mansions which are called "hayat" and "müştemilat". Most of the kitchens which are modified are equipped with industrial equipments and supplies. The kitchens and "kiler" have been converted into rooms where the guests can overnight. While in the traditional Safranbolu mansions natural lighting and ventilation were used, in modified kitchens, there are technological lighting and ventilation equipment.

Kitchen, Touristic Mansion Establishments, Safranbolu Kitchen Architecture

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