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Ibn Dakik Al-Id and Hadıth Commentary Method in the Context of His Study Sharh Al-Arbain Hâdisan Al-Nabaviyyah
Ibn Dakik Al-Id, who is considered to be the absolute mujtahid, started his education in a scientific environment and benefited from the important scholars in the sciences such as hadith and fiqh. He started teaching in his hometown of Kus, and then gave lessons in important madrasahs. He became proficient in Shafi’iyya fiqh besides Malikiyya fiqh and He is an important scholar who has made jurisprudence according to both sects. Especially in order to understand the hadiths of ahkam, he wrote many commentaries, including al-Ihkam and al-Ilmam. In addition to his work, he also expounded the Nawawi's el-Erbaûn, which is famous among scholars. The author generally explained the hadiths in the book, which contains the general principles of Islam, from hadith, fiqh, and vocabulary and theology science. Especially, he profits by evincing method in verse and hadith widely in commentary and he touched on the different opinions of sects about the hadith researched. In the classification of the work, he not only benefit from hadith scholars, but also views of jurits, commentators, mystics and thus, the importance of the work has increased. Apart from Ahmet's this work, there are commentaries he made about ahkâm hadiths. In this study, only the structural features of the work, the hadith commentary method and sources of the work have been tried to be determined in the context of this work. In the context of the disclosure of hadiths, it has been observed that it has come into contact with various subjects which are covered by the lexicography, hadith, jurisprudence and theology science.

Hadith, Commentary, Ibn Dakik Al-Id, an-Nawawi, Sharh al-arbain.

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