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A Takriz Example Written by Recâizade Mahmut Ekrem: Takriz to Ides
Recâizade Mahmut Ekrem (1847-1914) is one of the prominent figures in Turkish literature in the modernization period. Ekrem had been a perfect theorist of westernized Turkish literature and he attempted to systematize Turkish literature in the Western norms. Ekrem, also had been decisive in Turkish literature, in the transition from classical rhetoric to the western-style. Furthermore, Recâizade Mahmut Ekrem, with the title of "master", made Takrîz in the books of many young writers. These Takrîz are aggregated in a book named Takrîz?t (1314 H./ 1896 M.). One of the taxpayers written by Recâizade is the book which he wrote to İdes, the story of Ahmedbeyzade Osman Âdil, one of the young generation writers after 1880. Takrîz are important sources of literature research in many respects. It is a reflection of language, literature and art. Takriz, which Ekrem wrote to İdes, has a special place in the history of Turkish literature. Ekrem expressed his views about Ottoman Turkish spelling, vocabulary and their reforms in a Takriz which he wrote in İdes for the first time. Ekrem evaluates Ides as a literary work and within the rules of Takriz. He lists his admiration and criticism. Ekrem's criticisms about Ides includes the discrepancy between the subject and the purpose of the writing, his lack of knowledge on "fesahat" and "belagat" , spelling and grammatical errors, the use of intertwined and very long sentences. He determined on the Ottoman Turkish that the old book is abandoned but the new book in practice does not resemble anything. Ekrem stated that Osman Âdil had his own style in İdes; but he also states that the poem taken from Lamartine at the end of the work does not correspond to İdes. He also shows the correct sentences in the context of "beliğ" rules to this young writer from Thessaloniki.

Recâizade Mahmut Ekrem, Osman Âdil, Takrîz, Ottoman Turkish.

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