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An Analysis on Self-Concept of Primary School Students
Self-concept is regarded to be the whole of the most important perceptions, emotions and opinions for the individual. This study, aiming to analyze the self-concept in primary school students, was designed in accordance with the descriptive survey model. The sample group is composed of 450 fourth graders. While collecting the data, Piers Harris’ Children’s Self-concept Scale was used. While analyzing the data, t-test and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used. As a result of the study, average scores for female students in Happiness/Satisfaction, Behavior and Adaptation, Physical Appearance, and Mental and School Success sub-dimensions of the Piers Harris’ Children’s Self-concept Scale were found to be higher than for male students. It was also discovered that the average scores of middle children in Anxiety, Popularity/Social Credit, and Mental and School Success sub-dimensions were lower than those of first- or last-born children; average scores of the students whose fathers are retired or have no job were significantly lower in Anxiety, Popularity/Social Credit sub-dimensions.

Self-Concept, Sense of Self, Primary School Students

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