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Investigation of the Reasons of High School Students Spending More Time on the Internet: A Case Study on İstanbul Köy Hizmetleri Anatolian High School
The structural transformation in the mass media has paved the way for the development of new media and Internet technologies. The advances in Internet communication technologies has inevitably influenced social change and transformation. The Internet phenomenon has now secured its place among the indispensables of daily life. Today, the Internet is used in almost every corner of the world. Various statistical data show that Internet usage rates are increasing every passing day all around the world. As of 2018, Internet usage rate in Turkey is approximately 64%. According to Turkish Statistical Institution data, 9 out of every 10 young people in Turkey use the Internet. It has been determined that the time spent on the Internet by today's young people studying in high school, which is called the Millennium Generation, is increasing day by day. This has been observed to be caused by various factors such as social, psychological, physical, economic and informational (information-news) factors. In this study, a face-to-face survey was conducted with 235 high school students, selected using a randomized sampling method among the ones attending Istanbul Köy Hizmetleri Anatolian High School in January 2019, in order to determine why high school students, as the representatives of the Millennium Generation, spend more time in Internet environment. The collected data were analyzed and evaluated.

Internet, Internet use, Internet addiction, Internet connection, high school students

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