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An Investigation of Ethical Leadership Behavior with Respect to Some Variables
This study was conducted to determine the demographic characteristics that affect the ethical leadership behavior of managers. Ethics has become an important issue in the business world. In order to provide an ethical ethical environment, individuals who adopt ethical values and have ethical leadership characteristics are needed. In this context, they are managers who will instill ethical behavior in the enterprise. Therefore, the leader must act ethically in the organization. For this purpose, some variables that affect the ethical leadership characteristics of managers have been tried to be determined. The data set of the study consists of 389 hotel managers. The t-test, Anova and Tukey tests were used to analyze the data. Significant relationships were found between ethic leadership and graduation status, location in the enterprise and province where the enterprise was located. However, gender, marital status, type of business have no significant effect on ethical leadership.

Ethical Leadership, Demographic Variables, Manager, Tourism Sector

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