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Comparison of Teacher Training, Educational Administration and Supervision Systems in Canada, Bulgaria and Turkey
This study has been done to the purpose of the revealing the similarities and differences by comparing Canada’s, Bulagaria’s and Turkey’s teacher training, educational administration and supervision systems. Qualitative research method was adopted in the research; comperative scanning method was used. When the educational administration systems of countries are examined; Canada has a regional, changing educational administration structure from state-to-state and each state has its own ministery of education; on the other hand, it has been detected that in Bulgaria and Turkey there has been centralized management and each one is managed by ministery that is responsible for education. When the countries administration systems are examined, it is necessary to have a master’s degree or to have comleted the executive qualifications program in order to become an education administrator in Canada. In order to become an administrator in Bulgaria, teachers must have a master’s degree as in Canada. In Turkey, in order to become an administrator it is sufficent to pass the exams which are conducted by ministery. When the educational supervision systems of the countries are examined; it is concluded that, in Canada and Turkey the teachers have beeen supervised by the school administrators but in Bulgaria they have been supervised by the inspectors who are exist within the structure of ministery.

Comparison, Teacher Training System, Educational Administration and Supervision.

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