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The Process of Specialisation in Work Life and the Russian Affect from Ottoman Times to Turkish Republic
In Ottoman Empire, the industrialization and the technical training studies almost started in the same period. The work power which forms the main part of production changed a lot after the industrial revolution. The production based on factorization not only took out human power from only being physical power but also transformed it into the qualified labour which was the result of definite experiences and trainings. The executives who studied this transformation in detail signed the many entrepreneurships on technical training. The technical schools were opened and some students were sent abroad for training. Though these attempts were positive, the lack of businesses based on factorization led less qualified labour. The studies related to the technical training went on after the foundation of Turkish Republic but for the same reasons they couldn’t achieve the success. By opening factories in the financial life, the state was an active employer in 1930s and after then technical training studies transformed into a different dimension. The industrialization process in Europe which started with textile production was inaugurated by the state in Turkey almost 200 years later. The financial relationships with Soviet Russia opened the gate way of industrialisation in Turkey. The opening factories in different regions as a result of Soviet-Turkish partnership led the born of industrialised cities, extinction of foreign trade deficit and financial growing. Every opening factory had also a technical school feature. The executives of factories did not choose the skilled labourers which was the easiest way but they chose the hardest way instead in which they trained the untrained labourers and incorporated them in production. Every trained labourer in workplace, later turned into the industrial infrastructure of Turkish industry. Therefore, the struggles of raising skilled labourers for a century succeeded in the real meaning.

Technical Training in Ottoman Empire, Financial Structure of Ottoman Empire, State Politics, Turkey-

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