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Analysis of Accidents for Dangerous Goods Transported by Sea
The use of hazardous chemicals that cause fire, explosion and toxic release effects is an important factor in transportation and shipping. In this study, it was aimed to determine the causes of accidents caused by dangerous goods of maritime transportation in our country (Turkey). First of all, the Main Search and Rescue Coordination Center (ECRC) 2001-2016 data were evaluated in detail, and the ship accident / incidents likely to carry dangerous goods and the accidents / incidents resulting from fire and explosion due to dangerous goods were selected and the statistics were determined. 16 out of 43 accidents / incidents of fire and explosion caused by hazardous materials after June 2005 were related to dangerous cargo transportation. Filled with dangerous cargo, it was observed that most cargo fires caused an accident. Before 2005, the known causes of these accidents / incidents were identified as electrical failure and spark. In the second stage, the causes of accidents / incidents related to dangerous goods / freight transportation were analyzed with the fault tree. It was determined that existing accidents / incidents resulting from fire and explosion caused by dangerous goods occured on the basis of human error, machine failure, thermal reaction and electrical failure. It is believed that the results of this study will contribute to the more effective realization of emergency plans and related accident data records.

Hazardous Materials Transportation, Marine Accidents, Accident Analysis.

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