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The Issues of The Unıversity Students from Different Cities and Relationship between Social Exclusion: A Qualitative Research in Kırklareli University
Social exclusion is expressed as the inability of individuals to integrate into society, the weakening of ties with society, and the unfair distribution of welfare. The concept, which started to be used in the second half of the 20th century, has different dimensions in itself (political, economic, cultural and spatial) and is usually examined together with poverty. In this study, the relationship between social exclusion and the issues of university students studying in different cities was investigated. The sample of the study consists of undergraduate and associate degree students who are studying in Kırklareli University. The results of the study were gathered using a semi-structured interview technique, which is frequently used in social sciences, and obtained by content analysis. It is concluded that these students are exposed to spatial and cultural dimensions of social exclusion.

Social Exclusion, University Students, Culture, Locality

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