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The Role of Social Media in Losing the Meaning of Feeling: An Analysis on the Feeling of Longing
Communication technologies bring individuals closer to each other at every stage of improvement. Nowadays, social media channels, which have a complex communication structure that uses all the resources provided by these technologies, continue to exist. Social media, which has become an indispensable part of today's social structure, plays an important role in eliminating social distances. Social media provides great and fundamental changes to individuals in every aspect of life. These changes appear both in the physical worlds and in the emotional worlds of individuals. Individuals interact with each other at all times by using social media via voice, written and visual messages, without limitation of time and space. This interaction process changes their behaviors and the emotions behind their behaviors. One of these emotions, the feeling of longing, is defined as the want to see person(s) whose absence is felt. This study aims to determine the intensity of the feeling of longing for individuals who communicate at any time by social media, whether it decrease, increase or stay the same. In this context, the transformation brought by social media channels to the intensity of the feeling of longing that individuals feel for each other will be analyzed through the data obtained.

Longing, Social Media, Emotion, Deprivation, Lack of Emotion

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