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Weapon Shooting the Owner: An Evaluation on the Boomerang Effect of Social Media
With use of internet being prevalent, social media has been indispensable in our casual life. Especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, millions of people spend time and share various content every day. Continuous and unlimited information is shared within these environments, actively used by people with different socio-demographic characteristics due to easy accessibility, unique attractiveness, rich and alternative content, interactivity, interaction between people, and the ability to spread / publish individual thoughts. However, excessive interest towards social media can become an addiction. This addiction causes people of all ages (woman and man), including people in politics, sports, bureaucracy, trade and many different professions to move almost all their emotions, thoughts and actions to these platforms. Therefore, it is possible to come across people who have been dismissed from work, forced to resign, tried, imprisoned and even committed suicide on social media. This study aims to demonstrate that social media use can cause irreparable damages since internet usage is often unconscious, uncontrolled and irresponsible. Within the scope of the study, (negative) case studies caused by social media in 2018 were examined and evaluated.

Digital Gun, Social Media, Boomerang Effect, Social Media Addiction.

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