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Positioning Syrian Refugees in Social Life: The Case of Trabzon
Due to the civil war, many Syrians had to leave their countries and seek refuge in different countries. One of the asylum countries is Turkey. In every province of Turkey, it is possible to see Syrian refugees. One of these provinces is Trabzon. People living in Trabzon may have different attitudes and views towards Syrian refugees. This study was carried out to reveal the positioning of Syrian refugees in social life. Field research management was used, and the data were obtained by using face-to-face interviews with 250 participants. The results show that the participants negatively position Syrian refugees in social life. In terms of gender, women look at Syrian asylum seekers more negatively than men. Participants’ views toward migrants who are not Syrian refugees is generally more positive. Again, a significant portion of the respondents do not want to come together with Syrian refugees nor live together in social life. Moreover, most of the respondents think that Syrian asylum seekers increase crime rates in Trabzon. Finally, the respondents do not want Syrian asylum seekers to be granted the rights of citizenship.

Social Life, Syrian Refugees, The Case of Trabzon.

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