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The Relationship Between Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
The relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction plays a decisive role in the success of organizations. Their institutions in higher employee jobsatisfaction by adopting it sgoals and objectives with the organization's goals and objectives will be to reconcile and thus will see the organization's success as their own success. While walking towards the success of organizations that can provide this, employee job satisfaction through their own in order to fulfill the objectives will be more hopeful. The main reason for this, the concept of productivity of labor (human) is directly linked to. Advances in technology and new production techniques considered independent from the labor factor. Organizations of workers did not receive adequate yield will remain meaning less unless other factors of production. Inefficient ones who work in job satisfaction levels will decrease and they will weaken their commitment to the organization. In this case, both the organization as well as work together for the fail bring seeing is inevitable. To counteract this, on behalf of the organizations that work closely monitor and be able to respond to the needs. It concerns the future of the organization can be managed by other organizations and businesses will be much less that the fundamental goals of "profit, growth and sustainability" needs will be able to perform.

Job Satsifaction, Organizational Commitment, Employee, Organization

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