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1943 Ladik Earthquake
The world is always threatened by various natural disasters. Among these natural disasters, earthquakes are some of the most destructive. Turkey’s geography is risky regarding earthquakes. Earthquakes occurring in Anatolia throughout history are indicative of this. Although there are various fault lines producing earthquakes in Anatolia, the North Anatolian Fault Line is a fault zone that produces quite a lot of earthquakes. On this fault line, the 1939 Erzincan, 1942 Erbaa, 1943 Ladik, 1944 Bolu, 1951 Kurşunlu, 1953 Yenice-Gönen, 1957 Abant, 1964 Manyas, 1966 Varto, 1967 Adapazarı and 1976 Çaldıran earthquakes occurred. These earthquakes caused great destruction. It is thought that the possible Istanbul Earthquake, whose effects are discussed today, may also occur along this fault line. Because of 7.2 magnitude Ladik Earthquake, which occured on North Anatolian Fault Line, more than 4,000 citizens died, more than 4,000 people were injured and more than 20,000 houses were destroyed on November 27, 1943. After this earthquake, the interior and health ministers quickly went to the earthquake zone and organized aid to earthquake victims. In the first step, citizens affected by the earthquake were placed in temporary shelters and provided with food. Following these initial needs, the government provided material and financial support for the construction of new houses for earthquake victims. In this study, it was emphasized that in the occurrence of the Lâdik Earthquake, debris removal works after the earthquake and the government’s assistance to earthquake victims.

Earthquake, Ladik, Debris, Emergency Protocol, Assistance

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