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A Research on Investigation of Small Scale Accommodation Businesses Managers’ Attitudes on Customer Relationship Management: The Case of Bozcaada
Long-term relationships with customers are very important for businesses today in terms of increasing profitability, reducing costs and competing with other businesses. Therefore, a study was conducted to determine the attitudes of management towards customer relations in small-scale accommodation businesses. To this end, questionnaires were distributed to the managers of 148 small-scale hotels and hostels in Bozcaada. A total of 110 of the questionnaires were filled. “Independent Samples T” and “one way ANOVA” tests were applied to the hypotheses created. It was found in the research that the managers have a positive attitude towards customer relationship management. In addition, according to the factor analysis result, “human” is the most important factor followed by "process" and "technology". A significant difference between customer relations and managers' gender, level of education and professional experience wasn't found.

Accomodation businesses, customer relationship management, Bozcaada

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