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The Rose is Nightingale: On the Women's Poets of the Ottoman A Bibliography Trial
From the first known poet, Zeyneb Hatun, who was known to have lived in the 15th century, to Çeşm-i Âfet, who died in the 20th century, the number of female poets in the tradition of classical Turkish literature is 67, according to our findings today. There are 12 women poets whose books have survived until today, and 56 known to sing poetry with prosody. Important scientific studies have been conducted on Ottoman female poets in recent years. However, these studies, of course, primarily include the translation of works by these poets into contemporary Turkish. In particular, the number of women poets determined by the information obtained from literary history, biographical sources and poetry magazines is not low compared to the conditions of their transfers. In this study, a bibliographic essay was prepared on scientific studies about women poets who lived during the Ottoman Empire; it is aimed to determine the current number of women poets, to reveal what studies have been conducted on women poets, to observe the interest shown to women poets, to inform researchers about current publications and to present subjects which have not been studied to the research community.

Ottoman, Woman, Divan Poet, Bibliography.

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