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Measures of Transforming the Summative Assessment in Formative Assessment in Students Activities Evaluation at Constanta Maritime University
Traditionally and within theoretical approaches, examiner’s report on courses at final exam in the universities consists of two components: firstly, there is a summative assessment where a judgment is made on a thesis that has met the standards established by the discipline for the award of the degree; second there is a conception about the development and the formative aspects of the exam, where examiners provide feedback to assist the students to improve their learning tasks. The main objective of this paper is to determine if periodically exams ‘students are primarily assessment or feedback? In this paper it is used feedback term referring on the trajectory of professor-student reports, in an effort to distinguish it clearly a summative assessment form. The small-scale study of four examiner’s reports aimed to identify the nature of them and whether the reports provided are primarily summative assessment or feedback.

Feedback, assessment, evaluation process, quality in education

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