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Evaluation of Restaurant Managers’ Approaches to the Sustainable Restaurant Management Concept: Case of Izmir
Recently, sustainability has become an important issue and made the tourism sector practices, which significantly affect the environment and whose source is mainly the environment, very important. Within the framework of sustainable tourism the contribution of all stakeholders to sustainable practices is required; the food and beverage sector enterprises are expected to take part in this process. In this study, it is aimed that to examine restaurant managers’ ideas on and approaches to sustainability. In this content semi structured in-depth interviews were made and data were analyzed by descriptive and content analysis. By descriptive analyze, the obtained data organized and interpreted for present to reader. And by the content analyze the core elements of the text were coded systematically with the Office programme so the qualitative findings supported with quantitative data. Results of the study have shown that there has been lack of information about sustainability and environment management in restaurants; and it is understood that cost and government regulations have been affective in some practices. It has also determined that the government and non-governmental organizations should take responsibility in raising awareness guiding in environmental issues.

Sustainability, Sustainable Tourism, Restaurants, Sustainable Restaurants.

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