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Naive Art and the Sense of Art of Artist Recai Demirsöz from Safranbolu
Naive painting was settled into our language from “naive” which is a french word. Besides having the meaning “Pure and unaffected”,it is also used for uneducated artists and their works. It is not any theoritical framework. It often defines a childish description. It is based on individual instincts and intuitions. Naive art starting in 19th century and expanding in 20th century gathered movement and speed in 1950s. With the emergence of naive art as a species or a movement,art market has gained momentum in this direction. Inclining on naive art is prominently seen especially in 20th century French art. Tendencies and efforts of seeking childlike purity of the artists like Picasso and Gauguin are the most significant samples of this and besides,the most important representative of naive painting is Henri Rousseau. Some of the representatives of naive painting in Turkey are Fahir Aksoy, İbrahim Balaban, Mehmet Pesen, Hikmet Karabucak and Oya Katoğlu. Today there are representatives of naive painting in our country, they take place in art environments through holding their group exhibitions and exhibiting their works for the art audience and one of the artists is Naive Artist Recai Demirsöz from Safranbolu. The art life and works of Naive artist Recai Demirsöz forming the nature of the study have been included in the essay.

Art, Naive, Primitive, Recai Demirsöz

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