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Using Radio as a Source of News: A Case Study on Adnan Menderes University Students
Even tough it is assumed that the leader or the pioneer of the communication world is Internet or the social media in some academic studies (such as Arslan, 2014, Ocak, 2012, Tatar, 2016), radio has been one of the reliable source of information since its existence due to the unnecessary need of expensive and big infrastructures and its accessibility in different locations. The reason of today's most important mass media tool is being internet or social media is the young generations who use these communication tools via their cell phones.On the Internet or social media, the news can be shared, spread and even can be liked or commented. The main purpose of this study is to find out how much and how often people do use the radio as a source of news. Another purpose of this study is to determine the listening radio habits of university students in Aydın province. University students that use the communication tools frequently are selected as the sample of this study. In this study a survey is conducted at Adnan Menderes University and the findings are analyzed.

Radio, University students, News source techniques

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