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Politicial Crises’ Implications on UNESCO World Heritage Sites
The aim of this study is to provide insights on the heritage sites of Yemen, Iraq and Syria, which are included in UNESCO World Heritage Site and which have been damaged and even ruined as a consequence of the political crisis in those countries. Crises are devastating events which primarily have impact on the surrounding environment and which may spread all over the world if they are failed to be stopped. Any type of crisis can lead to enormous impacts. However, the political crises which have occurred especially in the last five years have affected the whole world by morphing into armed conflicts, terror attacks and wars. Therefore, political crises without doubt pose the greatest threat to human life. They also pose a great danger for cultural heritage. Unfortunately, heritage sites become the primary targets of assailants who try to destroy the history, who want to ruin the evidence of history and erase the footprints of cultures. Heritage sites have great significance in the rebirth of a culture and a nation after a destruction. As Sheikh Edebali said, “know your past well so you will step strong to your future; remember where you came from so you will not end up to the wrong destination.” This is why heritage sites are of great importance for cultures, civilizations, nations, communities and history to carry on. Heritage sites need to be protected and repaired no matter under any circumstances.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites, political crisis, war.

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