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Perception analysis of Partnership Models for SMEs: A Comparison Case in Karabük Province
In this study, the discriminant analysis apart from detection of partnership models for SMEs, SMEs partnership models whether there is a significant difference between the independent variable has a meaningful classification of variables in decisions, whether the allocation function of the arguments, the relationship with partnership models, partnership models and finally in differentiating contributions of the independent variables, discriminant analysis and artificial neural networks classification of SME are explained by the comparison between the partnership model of power. The research was conducted through a survey with 173 SME in the province of Karabuk. According to the research results, there were significant differences between partnership models for SMEs, SMEs. There were significant differences between meeting the demands and expectations of the customers and adequate support provided by the public on the development of collaboration/partnerships in classification of the variables. There were 4 SME partnership models in differentiating between the allocation functions. First, second, third, and fourth independent variables for the function showed differences in the contributions of the separation. The first function made the highest contribution. In discriminant analysis and artificial neural networks classification of a partnership between the power comparisons between models, better quality than a classification artificial neural networks has emerged.

SMEs, Discriminant Analysis, Partnership Models

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