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Organic Farming Terminology in the Literature: A Content Analysis of Journals in Organic Farming
Organic farming which is defined as “a promising farming method having positive effect on ecological and social environment of human” (Vogl et al. 2005, 5), has been globally important agricultural method. Organic farming, which is a rising value, has been the subject of this research. This study, which aims to contribute researchers is a literature review on organic farming. On the basis of review methodology, 30 journals related to organic farming were determined. Of these 30 journals, re-selection was performed according to the relevancy to the subject (namely organic farming) and the journals’ ISI impact factors. The number of journals are reduced to 11. In this filtering process, the basic determinant was ‘impact factors’ of the journals (impact factor provided by ISI knowledge). A second filtering criteria was made with respect to publishing house and countries where the journals are published. Because the countries in Europe and in the USA having greater experience in organic farming, journals are selected from these countries. Analyzing process in the selected journals is proceeded from 11.06.2015 until 24.12.2015. As a consequence; according to the results of 118 papers analyzed, the articles were listed to underline the following subjects in ranging from organic farming to rural development: (1) organic farming robust the economy and increases the employment opportunities in rural areas; (2) there are farmers having organic-production certification; (3) farmers having organic-production certification earn more money than farmers not having organic-production certification; (4) organic farming is a more sustainable production method when compared to conventional farming; (5) organic farming is an eco-friendly application; (6) Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have contributions on raising and marketing organic goods.

Organic Farming, Literature Review, Sustainable Rural Development, Ecological Conservation.

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