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Bibliometric Profile of Postgraduate Theses on Ecotourism
In this study, it is aimed to analyze the postgraduate theses written on ecotourism bibliometrically between 2000 and 2017. Theses were examined according to their year of publication, their type, in which university, institute and department it was written, the main subjects and the data collection method. In this study, statistical analysis and content analysis method were used. In this scope, postgraduate theses recorded in the official website of the National Thesis Center of the Council of Higher Education were reviewed in terns of specific bibliometric features. Such postgraduate theses were examined using the keywords such as “ectourism” and “eco tourism”. The total of 73 postgraduate theses recorded with such keywords “ecotourism” and “eco tourism” was reached. In conclusion, 90% of the theses were written in and after the year of 2006, 7% of them were written in English and 93% of them were written in Turkish. In addition, it was found out that theses were written in 3 different institutes (Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Education Sciences) in 24 different universities. The most significant findings are that 22, 2% of the theses written on eco tourism were prepared in the Department of Landscape Architecture, which is the highest percent. This department was followed by Department of Tourism Management at a rate of 15%. Only 1% of them were prepared in the Department of Ecotourism. Within the scope of the study, many different situations regarding the graduate theses prepared in the field of ecotourism have been put forward.

Ecotourism, Eco-Tourism, Rural Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Research.

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