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Potential of Rural Tourism and Ecotourism and SWOT Analysis: Case of Başkale (Van, Turkey) and Its Surroundings
Rural tourism is an activity performed in natural and cultural areas. This activity; while providing experiences to the participants, it also increases the socio-economical welfare of the residents and provides financial gains for the preservation of natural and cultural areas. These outstanding areas popular with their natural and cultural features have started to use for rural tourism purposes. Rural areas have a strong recreational potential thanks to the number and variety of their cultural and natural landscape elements. Başkale (Van) County and its surroundings have important potential for rural tourism with their natural and cultural assets. This study attempted to determine the rural tourism potential of Başkale County of Van (Turkey) that has a rich history and natural resources in Eastern Anatolia. Using SWOT analysis, strengths and weaknesses and also opportunities and threats were examined. It was determined that Başkale with its unique cultural and historical resources has a potential for the development of rural tourism. However, rural tourism was underdeveloped because of the residents' lack of consciousness, inedaquate budget, lack of entrepreneurs and inefficient promotional activities. It was seen that rural tourism should be considered as a tool for rural development.

Rural Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Ecotourism, Nature Tourism, Başkale.

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