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Examination of Landscape Scenery Areas and Activities: A Case Study in Van Province of Turkey
Town of Van, formerly known Tuşba, is a heritage from Urartus. In addition to its historical assets, Van is also at the shore of Van Lake, the largest lake in Turkey. Van which is located in Eastern Anatolian Region has a significant ecotourism potential due to its cultural and natural assets. In this study, scenery watching, considered a significant part of tourism potential of the region, was examined. A SWOT analysis was carried out in order to determine the potential of scenery landscape. Based on the results of SWOT analysis, Van Province has rich assets for scenery watching with its lakes, historical castles, churches and mosques as well as cultural objects integrated with nature. Results show that the area has outstanding resource values with its geographical position, ecology, natural formations and rich water resources. In the study, the scenery watching locations were determined using SWOT analysis.

Landscape Scenery, Recreation, Sustainable Environment, Tuşba (Van).

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