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Performance Evaluation and Analysis through the TOPSIS Method of Firms in the Automotive Sector Trading in BIST
In this study, the financial ratios of the 7 companies operating in the automotive sector whose stocks are traded in Stock Exchange Istanbul (BİST) were determined by using financial statements and activity reports between 2010-2015. These financial ratios were examined through the TOPSIS method, which is one of multi-criteria decision making methods. The financial ratios determined by the TOPSIS method have been converted into a single score. In the following of this phase, the data obtained by the TOPSIS method are ordered starting from the highest score. As a result of the study, it is seen that some companies keep their financial performance ranking steadily, while the rest of the companies show varying place in the order. The relationship between sequential variability of firms and their financial performance is examined. The aim of this study is to examine the financial performance of 7 automotive companies operating in Turkey's automotive sector and traded in BİST through the TOPSIS method which is one of the multi criteria decision making methods and to evaluate the results

Automotive Sector, Financial Performance, TOPSIS Method.

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