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Eco Leader Applications for Accommodation Facilities
In this study, the eco-leader program was examined as an environmental practice. For this purpose, a textual analysis was conducted on environmental practice from TripAdvisor travel review web site about hotels located in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. It was observed that the accommodation facilities which were at different levels of the eco-leader program were ranked by the customers at the top among their choices and at the same time they were rated 4 and above within the five-point evaluation. While almost 67% of the guests evaluated accommodation facilities adopting an eco-leader program as excellent, almost 28% evaluated as very good, 4.5% evaluated as average, 0.75% evaluated as bad and 0.36 % as "sucks." In the environmental practice about the accommodation facilities within Eco-Leader Program, the most frequently used words were divided into six sub-themes (general, energy, water, purchasing, waste and training-innovation) and examined under the main theme of all ecological applications.

Accommodation facilities, Environment, Environmental applications, Eco Leader.

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