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Evaluation of Pre-School Teachers 'Effects on The Development of Children 3 -6 Years of Intelligent Device Use
The technological products used today are tools that direct human life, make it easier and are a constant part of human life. Among these tools, smartphones, tablets and computers have an important place in the lives of individuals. Smaller children prefer to use these more intelligent devices more often than ever. Reducing the age of smart device use and over-choice of smart devices affect children's development in many ways. In this study, it was aimed to investigate the effects of using smart devices on the development of 3-6 year old children according to the opinions of preschool teachers. The working group constitutes 50 pre-school teachers working in pre-primary education institutions. As a data collection tool, semi-structured interview form developed by researchers was used. Proposals from experts have been taken to ensure the internal validity of the interview form. In line with the expert opinions, the researchers were asked to re-examine the questions and the final form was given. In the analysis of the data, descriptive analysis was used. As a result of the research, pre-school teachers think that children should not use smart devices in preschool period. Teachers believe that families do not have enough information about the use of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Children often watch cartoons, listen to children's songs and play games with smartphones, tablets and computers. Pre-school teachers reported that the use of smart devices had both positive and negative effects on children's development.

Pre-school period, smart devices, pre-school teachers

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