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Examination of Keloğlan’s Tales Cartoon in Terms of Values
Cartoons are in the majority of children's daily lives. Cartoons affect children both in terms of line characters and content, and they give positive or negative values. “Keloğlan Masalları” cartoon has didactic and cultural features in terms of content. It includes universal, cultural, social and national values. In this research, Keloğlan Masalları which is being broadcast on “TRT Çocuk” Youtube channel, has been examined in terms of cartoon values. The aim of this research is to determine the values in the cartoon of Keloğlan Masalları, to examine the positive and negative dimensions of the values and to determine the values behaviorally and verbally. The values were analyzed with the Fixed Benchmarking Model. As a result, it has been determined that values are presented more verbally in selected sections of cartoon, and behavioral expressions are given less in presentation of values. Trust, responsibility, charity/cooperation, love/compassion values were not included as behavioral expressions when they were included as verbal expressions in selected sections of cartoon. Behavioral expressions only include values of courage, justice, friendship, respect/courtesy and honesty.

Cartoons, values, Keloğlan’s Tales.

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